Contract Sorting

We ensure your quality.
With our modern sorting machines we pursue the zero-defect strategy of our customers with a production volume of 5 million fasteners per day. We inspect and sort all types of screws, cold extruded parts, pressed and stamped parts, turned parts and pins, washers, nuts and rings, castings and plastic parts.
The inspection procedure and the inspection characteristics are agreed with you. The geometry, feedability and the required test features determine the sorting machine to be used. 30 machines are in daily use to ensure your quality.

Hanging feeder

We check hanging:
» Screws
» Cold formed parts of any kind
» Plunger
» Turned parts

Standing feeder

We test standing:
» Top-heavy screws
» Nuts
» Washers
» Stamped parts

Horizontal feeder

We check lying:
» Pins
» Thread inserts
» Bolts
» Bolts

Product-specific inspection characteristics
Qualitätsprüfung & Contract Sorting On our sorting machines, fasteners from a diameter of 1.5 to 45 millimetres and up to a length of 140 millimetres are checked. All machines are characterized by a high degree of flexibility, which means that the number of test features to be recorded can be optimally adapted to the specific product. For each inspection characteristic we guarantee our customers 10 ppm grade purity. The following characteristics, among others, can be recorded:

  • Angle
  • ball caps
  • existing slots
  • external drive via camera
  • grooves
  • head cracks per camera
  • head diameter
  • head geometry
  • head height
  • hole diameter
  • internal drive (bit test, tactile test)
  • knurrls
  • Length
  • Outer and root diameter
  • Pitch
  • surface defects per topography
  • surfaces for damage per 4 x 90° tests
  • shank geometry
  • shear cracks by eddy current testing
  • swarf-free bore
  • Thread (360°-testing)