Camera Inspection

100% inspection through visual inspection by camera.
The requirements for 100% inspected fasteners are constantly increasing due to the automation of production and therefore also the requirements of our customers for 100% inspection. Camera inspection enables fasteners of all types to be inspected, measured and sorted in large quantities.

Screws from a thread diameter of 1.4 mm to 16 mm and up to a length of 140 mm can be inspected on our steel plate inspection machines.

Various fasteners (top-heavy bolts, nuts, washers) up to a diameter of 42 mm and a height of 38 mm can be tested on our glass plate testing machines.
Slot disc machines
Glass disc machines
The test characteristics are determined together with you according to our possibilities. We are also happy to carry out a free feasibility test of the sorting option using samples provided. We guarantee our customers 10 ppm grade purity for each test criterion.

Flexibility and efficiency:
Our machines are characterized by a high degree of flexibility. This enables us to supply our customers quickly and at the same time with the highest sorting quality.
Throughput times of less than 24 hours are possible, depending on the batch size.
The flexibility of our machines means that we can offer you a 100% inspection of your components at short notice so that you can supply your customers with 100% inspected fasteners as quickly as possible.

Test procedure for camera inspection:
In camera testing, we differentiate between testing using the transmitted light method and testing using the incident light method.
The transmitted light method is used to measure the geometry of your components using a black and white image.
The component is imaged by the camera and the geometry is interpreted in black pixels, which are then measured.
The incident light method in the black/white/grey image can be used, for example, to detect damage to the thread or to determine the presence of an internal thread.

  • Length, width, height
  • Inner and outer diameter
  • Thread testing
  • Thread damage per 4×90° test
  • Internal thread present yes/no
  • Head diameter
  • Head cracks per camera
  • Head height
  • Drive present yes/no per camera
  • Tip present yes/no
  • Inner and outer contour
  • Bore diameter
  • Chip-free bore
  • Poly ring present yes/no
  • Damage per 4 x 90° tests
  • Surface defects per topography camera
  • Knurl present
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