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History of WIMA Control GmbH – Qualitätsprüfung

Since 1991 we ensure the quality of our customers. We measure, check, sort and pack screws, nuts and other fasteners of all kinds. In the process, we are constantly evolving. Here you can find out everything about our company history.

How it all began: The foundation
In September 1991, Reinhold Willems and his son-in-law Walter Marienfeld founded WIMA Control GmbH in Heiligenhaus in North Rhine-Westphalia. The company name is made up of the first letters of their surnames: WILLEMS MARIENFELD Control GmbH. At the time, owner and managing director Reinhold Willems could already look back on more than 20 years of experience in the screw and fastener industry and in the screw trade.

The first steps
In 1992, two employees were working on a production area of 300 m² with two sorting machines.

Commissioning of the second sorting machine at the Heiligenhaus site in 1993
Construction of the WIMA Control GmbH factory building in 2000

The first successes
WIMA Control GmbH becomes an associate member of Deutschen Schraubenverband e.V.

Relocation of the company headquarters from Heiligenhaus to Velbert
As the previous company building has become too small, the company relocates its headquarters to Velbert in North Rhine-Westphalia in 2000 and moves into a new building.

Change in the management
Mr. Walter Marienfeld is appointed Managing Director.

Retirement of the company founder
Company founder Reinhold Willems retires from the business in 2011 for reasons of age. Walter Marienfeld takes over sole management of the company.

Anniversary: 25 years of WIMA Control GmbH
WIMA Control GmbH celebrates its 25th anniversary in October 2016.

The WIMA Control GmbH logo from 1991-2021
The new WIMA Control GmbH logo since October 2021

Anniversary: 30 years of WIMA Control GmbH
WIMA Control GmbH is celebrating its 30th anniversary in September 2021. To mark this special occasion, the management decided to revise and modernize the WIMA Control logo. At a large celebration on the company’s own premises, 80 guests toasted the anniversary and the new logo was presented.

Change in the management team
In April 2022, Mr. Patrick Ruhrmann will be appointed as the second Managing Director alongside Mr. Walter Marienfeld.

Patrick Ruhrmann has been with the company since 2018 and has since worked in the areas of production, sales and quality management.
WIMA Control GmbH is thus gradually being handed over to the third generation.

From the left: Walter Marienfeld (Managing Partner), Reinhold Willems (company founder) and Patrick Ruhrmann (Managing Director)