Kamerasortierung 1400x400

Contract Sorting

Automation requires 100% tested fasteners.
The demands placed on fasteners are constantly increasing in an increasingly automated working world, and so are our customers’ requirements for 100% sorting. This is because belt downtimes and the resulting high contractual penalties can only be avoided if the goods are perfectly sorted.
Just-in-time production increases the need to be able to act quickly and flexibly for our customers. Thanks to our modern machines, we can support you with short throughput times in the zero-defect sorting of your goods.
29 machines are in daily use in two-shift operation to ensure your quality.

We ensure your quality through 100% control.
With our modern sorting machines and over 30 years of experience in contract sorting, we pursue a zero-defect strategy for our customers with a production volume of up to
5 millionen fasteners per day. We inspect, measure and sort all types of screws, cold extruded parts, pressed and stamped parts, turned parts and pins, washers, nuts and rings, cast and plastic parts.
The test procedure and the test characteristics are agreed with you.
The geometry, feedability and the required test characteristics determine the sorting machine to be used. We guarantee our customers the following for each inspection feature 10 ppm type purity.

Our test criteria: