Checking and Sorting

100% control and sorting

We will boost your quality.
Whether through random sampling or using “100% checks”, whether static or dynamic – we will boost your quality for all kinds of screws, cold extrusion parts, pressed and punched parts, turned parts and pins, washers, nuts, rings, cast components, plastic parts and so on.

Quality inspection plays a decisive role when faultless products are required. As an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified company, you can always rely on our 100% inspection at current ppm rates.

Testing and sorting machines
Our automatic sorting machines and eddy current test instrument check and select various features with simultaneously operating cameras and other test systems. Depending on the requirements and properties of the product, we use hanging feeders, standing feeders on glass plates or sliding feeders. 30 machines are in daily use to ensure your quality.

4 x 90°-testing
Hanging feeders

Check parameters
We mainly specialise in parts with a diameter of 1.5 – 14 mm and up to 140 mm in length. The number of parameters to be registered can be optimally adapted to suit the product:

  • Angle
  • ball caps
  • existing slots
  • external drive via camera
  • grooves
  • head cracks per camera
  • head diameter
  • head geometry
  • head height
  • hole diameter
  • internal drive (bit test, tactile test)
  • knurrls
  • Length
  • Outer and root diameter
  • Pitch
  • surface defects per topography
  • surfaces for damage per 4 x 90° tests
  • shank geometry
  • shear cracks by eddy current testing
  • swarf-free bore
  • Thread (360°-testing)
Standing feeders on glass plates
Standing feeders