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We will boost your quality.

Our automatic sorting machines and eddy current test instrument check and select various features with simultaneously operating cameras and other test systems.
Whether through random sampling or using “100% checks”, whether static or dynamic – we will boost your quality for all kinds of screws, cold extrusion parts, pressed and punched parts, turned parts and pins, washers, nuts, rings etc.


We mainly specialise in parts with a diameter of
1.5 – 14 mm and up to 140 mm in length. The number of parameters
to be registered can be optimally adapted to suit the product:

length, pitch, angle, outer and root diameter
head diameter, head height, head geometry,
shank geometry, head cracks
shearing cracks, hole diameter, existing slots
internal/external recess
knurrls, ball caps, grooves
swarf-free bore

…. and plenty more are registered. We provide the best possible purity of parts currently available – for your benefit!


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Even small and very small parts – or especially these parts – can greatly impair the flow of production if their quality is inadequate. This is why “tested quality” is obligatory for the “big players” – and nonetheless medium-sized businesses have also recognised the importance of time: only high quality providers can survive in competition with cut-price providers.

This is where our “zero-error-selection” comes in. Parts tested through our “zero-error-seletion” reduce costs associated with complaints dramatically and increase efficiency. And as a company certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, you should have no worries at all about our reliability.

* n.i.o. (not in order): when it comes to incorrect parts – we do not compromise!

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Random checks, “ zero-defect selection” (in several passes if necessary) or meticulous hand selection – your parts are in good hands although not for long. In the “just in time” era, our 3-shift operation does not leave anything lying around unnecessarily. Your consignment is often in our sight for no more than two days.

Whether the parts involved are small or large, the same or different, thin or thick – we will pack them for you in the required numbers in a variety of possible containers: large containers and cardboard boxes up to Euro-pallet sizes, small load carriers, polybags up to 8 kg, sacks or your own in-house factory containers.